The Concept:

What is a Snap Gap anyways?

Ah, gap years. A time of taking a year off between major life transitions in order to travel, presumably finding yourself as you find out about the world. This “Snap Gap” year is piling all of the meaningful self-discovery into the beautiful summer months. Maybe I’ll return with a confirmed vocation, or maybe I’ll just bring back a creative tan. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

The Sponsors:


Student Universe: The Wizard behind the curtain, this is the organization behind the whole trip which is helping me find my inner Frances Magellan (even though I’m not quite circumnavigating the globe, this feels pretty close).

Homestay.com is giving me a place to stay every where I go, as well as an automatic “in” with locals who know the city.

Flypside: An app which is a godsend to an extroverted-introvert like myself, Flypside connects me to other travelers (or locals) whose itineraries overlap with mine. The app also has a pulse on the events of each city, so I can branch out and find friends or ride out some cultural immersion solo.

The Blogger:


Hey, I’m Denae! Big haired, big hearted girl from the Pacific NorthLeft. I hold a special place in my heart for  artisan bread, Denmark, and long walks in the rain.

I fully intend to explore these cities through food, faith, and fashion–and of course any music that is created along the way.

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