First impressions of this Northeastern capital are as follows:

Dunkin Donuts/straightforward conversation/Sports bars sports bars sports bars/Patriots/Red Sox/wow, people really weren’t kidding about those accents/wicked/Paul Revere/more Dunkin Donuts/the T/oh, I shouldn’t expect the T to be on time?/Matt Damon/Ben Affleck

My weekend in Boston was a lesson in expecting the unexpected. I was supposed to spend the last days of the Snap Gap trip staying in the cozy homestay of Ann’s in D.C. but because of a flight snafu I ended up being rerouted through Boston instead.

So, unfortunately, I did not get to live out my dream of quoting Nic Cage’s “National Treasure” storyline around my nation’s Capitol, but on the bright side, I got to swing by Student Universe headquarters! I was so thankful to be able to thank and hug everyone who made this experience possible. “Grateful” does not even begin to cover it.

And following the Freedom Trail was the perfect way to see Boston on a sunny day. The line of red brick inlaid to the sidewalk is a built-in tour of historical sights. I thought my heart would burst from the Patriotism on multiple occasions.

I saw someone reenact the printing of the Declaration of Independence and almost started crying, for goodness’ sake. For all of the problems and doubts of this country, it’s more important more than ever to think about what people meant it would be and hoped it would be.

From baseball to old monuments to red brick and changing leaves, this weekend I received my first lesson in New England charm. Boston was the perfect teacher.


2 thoughts on “Bawston

  1. Looks like a perfect way to end your sojourn, Denae!

    Your bio reflects that you “love” second hand clothes so we at My Sister’s Closet (your favorite 🙂 look forward to seeing our brave little Hobbit home once again. Lonna


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