Let’s Talk About Lisbon

Friends, let’s talk about Lisbon.

This tiny capital of a tiny country is frankly underestimated.

All of the colors will infuse life into your travel-weary bones.

Street art in the Alfama neighborhood.


Here you will learn that meals should be long and leisurely.

All for me? Oh my.

And that they are simply unfinished until you have dessert…

The iconic Portuguese dessert: Pastel de Nata

and a tiny cup of coffee.

But it packs a PUNCH let me tell you!

You’ll be amazed by Lisbon’s big views…


or its tiny details.


Quite frankly, Lisbon is a small city with big charm. Wouldn’t you agree?img_9911





2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Lisbon

  1. I would definitely agree 🙂 It’s a very beautiful city filled with colours and amazing food.

    The only thing I didn’t like about Lisbon when I visited is the amount of traffic on the roads. If you didn’t escape in the small side roads, the cars where everywhere. And with all the building works there was never enough pavement. But hey, once all the work are done, it’ll probably be better (although I still think, Lisbon could do with more pedestrians only areas).


    1. I’m so glad you got to go and experience it for yourself! There definitely are some close calls with traffic, haha, but overall the city is fine!


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