On the advice of my host mom, I took a break from Lisbon and journeyed an hour away to the mountain town of Sintra.

First view from the train station.

There was so much to see, but I was told that above all else, I had to make time for Pena Palace. 


I’ve seen a lot of castles/palaces over the summer, but this was the most delightful one I’ve ever set foot into. I was pretty awestruck.

Needless to say, I proceeded to take princess pictures from various guardhouses and parapets.

I felt that I had gotten a bang for my buck right away–there were breathtaking sights before I even even got inside the palace. Take the wall walk, for example. It feels as if you can see all of Portugal below.

And the tiles! So many tiles!

I had thought I had reached my capacity for gawking at beautiful things, but I was proved wrong when I walked back through town.

This day I learned that day trippin is the best kind of trippin. Thank you, Sintra, for being a kind teacher.


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