Life in Color

It was after baking in the sun by the river but before climbing to that lookout point with a cup of sangria in my hand.

It was during that sweet spot right in the middle–like that part in a sandwich where the peanut butter mingles with the jelly–when I looked up.

Walking through the hilly neighborhood of Alfama, I noticed decorations spilling over from rooftops. There’s plenty of color that caught my eye in Lisbon, from the buildings to the tiles, and these garlands added to the rainbow. I didn’t know their origin or significance, but they reminded me of party streamers, or the tinsel you see at Christmastime. I stood and looked for a quiet moment. And more than the other things I saw, the image still stands out brightly in my mind.

It wasn’t necessarily the most beautiful view of the day, but it came with a realization.

I realized that from now on, any time I see a tinsel-fied Christmas tree, or pass the streamer section in a party store, I’ll think of that one summer day I stood on slippery cobblestones and squinted up into the sun, looking at the colors of Lisbon. What a pretty picture.


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