Today Was Nearly Perfect

Why today was nearly perfect:

1. Being alone was not a burden. Even though I had no one to blame when I left late to visit the Sagrada Familia, I also had no one to turn to when I stepped through its doors and saw the soaring  ceilings for the first time. 

The wonder that welled up was mine and mine alone, as was the time I took to crane my neck back and stand in the different patches of colored light. It kept the sweetest, quietest company I could have asked for.

2. I ate brunch. A glorious brunch. It was outdoors and at a restaurant named after two of my favorite things. 

Summer breeze of perfect temperature played with my hair as I noshed on salmon and spoke with a Canadian woman and eavesdropped on the Swedish family sitting next to me.

3. Music in the park. 

Plans fall through all the time, but this plan actually happened. One Swede and one American, having met at an open mic the week before, jammed leisurely in a beautiful park where the weather was not too hot or too cold, but just right. 

The Swede brought red, red wine and the American brought silky smooth orchata (which she promptly spilled). They played and sang (some songs twice) and began down the long path of learning how to play the harmonica.

4. I tried those foods that needed to be tried. A pit stop on the way home from the park put me in the path of this beautiful little empanada.

And a suggestion from a friend took me to this restaurant to try my first paella (and for only €5.50!).
No complaints.


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