Spanish Weekend

Woah woah woah. So my time in Barcelona is almost over and I haven’t said a thing about it! So what have I been up to? (Keep in mind that all of this is happening while sweating profusely. The Spanish summer is gnarly.)

Admiring the quirkily wonderful apartment that is my homestay.

Meeting people by sampling the Spanish salsa nightlife, going to a film networking event, and singing at an open mic night.

Learning the difference between Spain and Catalonia by walking through the city on the Catalonian Independence Day, September 11.

Broke my no-sunburn streak and got crispy going to the beach and walking around to look at cityscapes.

Following in the footsteps of the Cheetah Girls (and you know, of course, Gaudí) by walking through Park Güell.

Yep yep yep! You should be all caught up now! One more day and then it’s off to Portugal! 


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