Favorite French Things

The American love affair with French culture is a longstanding one, and I realized pop culture has been helping me join in for quite some time. Here are a few reasons beyond the sparkling Tour Eiffel why I love this other nation of red, white, and blue.

Ever After

Courage, loyalty, Angelica Houston’s soul-piercing glare…need I say more? I do? Okay, um…Drew Barrymore acting the heck out of a fiery heroine, Dougray Scott becoming a man with a luscious full head of hair, learning arguments for social justice via Thomas Moore’s Utopia. Ask my mom, you guys: I could quote this movie all day.


Along with all those years of Sunday School, this series taught me how to pray. I certainly do love bread and butter–almost as much as the infinitely patient nun and the spunky redheaded girl in the yellow cap. Paris was Madeleine’s playground! How could I resist wanting to be her best friend?


Technically this innovative artist hails from Belgium, but his lyrics are French–my 12th grade French teacher introduced me to his music to work on my listening comprehension, and it’s never been such a pleasure to practice! Ugh ugh ugh he’s so cool, you guys. Look at his socks!

Alexandre Dumas

This man has given the world stories that take the rush of betrayal, revenge, and brotherhood to a whole new level. Admittedly, I’ve only seen film adaptations, but they still hit the spot.

The Count of Monte Cristo was a staple in my family’s DVD collection growing up. It never gets old!

And I have trouble resisting the feel-good romp around Paris in the BBC adaptation of the The Three Musketeers (specifically whenever D’Artagnan does said romping).


Jules Verne

I undoubtedly drove my family crazy by watching the Crayola Kids’ version of Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on repeat when I was younger (the songs are so catchy!). But recently, I’ve found a new appreciation for Verne through reading Around the World in 80 Days. That Phileas Fogg is an odd character, to be sure, but I can’t help but to feel a sense of solidarity with him, since…you know…the world trip and all!


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