Parisian Wednesday 

Today was hot hot hot so I determined to hide out in cheap museums.

The Museum de Shoah (free) had an exhibit on Women in the Resistance of WWII. 

Bravery. Heartbreak. Courage. Even if things can’t be fully understood, we shouldn’t stop trying. We shouldn’t forget.

And after I left the museum, I became more aware of its legacies around the city.

Cue brief break to eat a crêpe and spend time with Phileas Fogg in a sunny park (that book is a wee bit addicting).

Right next to said park is a museum of the house of Victor Hugo (€ 6), so I directed my steps there. 

From that moving opening sequence of Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” to Jean Valjean belting out his crimes and grievances in the stage adaptation of “Les Miserables”, Victor Hugo is responsible for a huge chunk of my entertainment over the years.

So I was excited to walk the same floorboards that he did, as well as learn about his wildly talented descendants. They would seldom have been a dull moment with that family, I’m sure of that.

And Paris Design Week is still swinging, so there was an opening tonight (read: innovative fashion, twin djs, free gin) and then an after party on the banks of the Seine. Not the worst way to spend an evening. I was awkward turtling pretty hardcore in a crowded room full of people I didn’t know, but it was an experience anyways.

Still, my favorite view of the night is still this restaurant Inpass every day on the way home. I just saw it from a different angle tonight, is all.

City of Lights


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