Practicalities : Paris Transport

For someone who comes from a town where public transportation is nigh nonexistent, Paris’s Metro is a dream.

There are multiple ways to take advantage of the subway system, and the best option can depend on the length of your stay.

As I’ve had a longer time in Paris than in most destinations (10 days), I’ve taken a leisurely pace and have used walking as my main mode of transportation.

When I do opt to buy a single ticket for a quick ride home, it costs €1.90.

It’s possible to buy a carnet (book) of 10 tickets for the discounted price of €17.5, but I held off on that after hearing about the Navigo pass.

This pass costs €27 (including the €5 deposit for the card) and gives you unlimited travel on the metro for a week. It will even take you as far as Versailles and Disneyland Paris!

What sold me, however, was that it also includes travel to Charles de Gaulle airport–a ticket which normally costs €10. So now instead of buying 10 tickets and a pass to the airport, I have unlimited  Metro travel and airport access for the same price!

There is one caveat, though: The card is only valid for a Monday-Sunday period, instead of 7 consecutive days. So if you bought it on a Wednesday, for example, you’d have to pay the same price while it would still expire on Sunday.

Fortunately, with most of the week ahead of me, I feel that I’ll still get plenty of use out of it! The only question now is, where do I want to go first?


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