My first day out in Budapest was a perfect one to spend alone.

Well, not completely alone.

As I walked around, there were no obligations. And so I just took my time, splashing away the heat in a fountain, or feeling the breeze play with my hair as I read in a park.

Even though the city is sprawling, it isn’t overwhelmingly crowded, so I felt solitary as I walked around the images I had only seen in postcards.

I spent the afternoon soaking up sun and tranquil time–but if you know me, you know that I can never stay quiet for long. And there was an open mic night in a ruin pub that was calling my name!

Ruin pubs have that crumbly, overgrown aesthetic going for them, (think purposefully dilapidated chic), but that doesn’t lessen the lively atmosphere!

Lights in the trees at Fogás Haz

I was nervous walking in; I didn’t know anybody there. It’s like going to the cafeteria on the first day of school and not knowing where to sit all over again. But I just kept telling myself that eventually I would meet someone nice–I just had to deal with the nerves until then. And sure enough, that’s what happened!

So there was music and cheap Hungarian beer and intercultural communication galore.

And I got to run my hands over those six strings again!

Good people good music good times. xoxo

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A bright eyed, TEFL certified, PNW girl teaching English in Budapest, Hungary.

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