The Other America

My first introduction to Cusco was via a sarcastic-yet-lovable animated llama.

After two days in Cusco, Peru, however, I’ll now associate the name with things entirely different.

Like with how, while walking to dinner, I met an outrageously enthusiastic Irish girl and was somehow shanghaied into climbing a mountain on my first night in the city.

Or the time when I stumbled upon a bakery selling freshly-fried, sugar dusted churros AND THEN made to the warm, gooey core.

Honestly, the sights and sounds and textures of Cusco are vibrant; I doubt I could do them justice.

The dry pop of leftover Independence Day fireworks going off morning noon and night.

The breathless moment when my shoe slips on the smooth cobblestone street.

The chilling spray that blows on my back as I sit by the fountain in the sunny Plaza de Armas.

There’s life and color all around.

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A bright eyed, TEFL certified, PNW girl teaching English in Budapest, Hungary.

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