Shire  Smiles

Yo yo yo so here’s a throwback of chunky lil’ Denae playing Bilbo Baggins at her community playhouse.

So you could say that my visit to the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata yesterday was a long time coming.


Even though getting there and back again (heehee) took all day by bus (3-4 hours each way), I was so thankful to have gone.

Yes, there was occasional fangirling (Ohmygoshohmygosh Elijah Wood and his giant blue eyes have looked upon this very same tiny door, oh my gosh).

But there were also fond memories of how my family and I would pile into the living room couch and watch the stories of courage and friendship and good triumphing over evil–some of it had unfolded right where I was standing!

Also, the behind-the-scenes featurettes on the LOTR special features menus were some of the first things that got me interested in video production, so it was affirming to walk around a real set (albeit a retired one) and see the little details, like tiny hobbit clothes hanging on a clothesline, or a tiny wheelbarrow full of chopped wood.

Aw, delicate kindling.

Also: drank a pint at the Green Dragon, rode in a wagon and pretended to be Gandalf, and spent some time with my Precious.

Pretty good field trip!


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