I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to travel the world more solo than Dylan’s rolling stone.

Poor little lonely stone

So imagine my surprise when I found out a friend from my hometown would also be moving around the world, ending up in Sydney the same time as me!

Hey, this is Josh. He’s pretty cool.

Our paths are different (Josh is putting down roots and starting university in the Land Down Under), but we have similar interests in music, family, and friends.

So we joined forces and put together a concert fundraiser to raise money for our ambitions abroad by sharing our music with the people we love. And it was an excuse to see our friends and eat food. So there’s that.

Supported from every side–from friends finding a venue to my mother slaving away to make treats for the bake sale, to guests staying afterwards to help clean up–it was a labor of love that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many.


Family performing!

And as the night unfolded, as friends arrived early to hang decorations or applauded our music, and as loved ones wrapped us in tight see-you-later hugs and left with one more squeeze of the hand, I knew we were laying foundations for a significant summer.

After everyone had gone home, Josh and I tried to put our gratitude into words, but were quite speechless. To know that so many people are wishing us well, are praying for us and believing us…it was overwhelming in the best way.

The night reminded me of a favorite quote:

All of you who came to the fundraiser, all of you who have supported me with your gifts and well wishes and words of encouragement–

You have filled me with enough beautiful to travel the world a hundred times.

Thank you.

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A bright eyed, TEFL certified, PNW girl teaching English in Budapest, Hungary.

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