Is This Real Life?

I’ve had my share of surreal moments.

There was that time when I met John Stamos.

Awh, awkward little baby Denae in the presence of greatness.

Or that time I was looking at Northwest nature from a mountaintop and couldn’t quite comprehend how beautiful it was.

Most recently, however, I had one of those moments when the folks at Student Universe told me that I was the winner of their Snap Gap contest.

Because of that one moment, my summer transformed from a shapeless mass into a five-continent, ten-country adventure around the world.

Preparations are a whirlwind, excitement is high, and it’s hard to catch my breath as I learn what it means to prepare to belong everywhere and nowhere for the next three months, although it’s a task I’m happy to take on.

This opportunity has often been described as “too good to be true”. Follow along this summer as I learn just how good “true” can be!


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